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Ya gotta wear shades for something that bright!'Winter Sunshine' by László Mednyánszky c1905 {{PD}}

‘Winter Sunshine’ by László Mednyánszky c1905 {{PD}}

We’re dazzled by possibility, by hope, willing to honor our highest standards and priorities–we see what’s important–and that’s very good–the problem is that our thinking, or what’s communicated to us, is surprising, definitely out of the box, and possibly subtly destructive, if we’re prone to respond with erratic behavior or sudden anger. We can turn on ourselves if we’re not highly accepting of our own most unusual and original qualities–those most likely to Self-destruct are those who don’t like, or trust, themselves–today everyone else can make a pure and unique statement about who they are and what they care about in life (Perfecting today: Sun sextile NN, semi-square Pluto, and trine Vesta, Mercury parallel Pluto and sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Many thanks to those who support the blog, whatever form that takes. And everyone, have a great Saturday!