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'After the Rain'  Antonio Sicurezza 1976 {{PD}}

‘After the Rain’ Antonio Sicurezza 1976 {{PD}}

Are we fueled by the urge to avenge our wounds or to heal them? That may be the question today, as matters ignored, denied, or that foster rage irritate us at a subliminal level and bring forward some of the most original and creative responses possible. That’s what’s so surprising: that what might under other circumstances cause a negative reaction this time sparks a kind of genius thought process that centers on ambitions and desires and shows us exactly how to handle the material world to make ‘it’ happen. Be prepared: power issues will be a big factor, and even if they’re not obvious they’re really what things are all about. Focus moves to the far horizons, to adventure, to finding the facts and letting others know our beliefs, courtesy of the Sun in Sagittarius–happy Solar month, Sag! (Perfecting today: Black Moon Lilith sesquiquadrate Sedna, Uranus novile Neptune, Saturn sextile Ceres, Mars parallel Chiron, Mercury semi-square Zeus and novile Pluto)

Enjoy your Sunday!