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Ladies have shared their wardrobes since time immemorial. Attributed to Guy Head -' Juno Borrowing the Girdle of Venus' c1771 {{PD}}

Ladies have shared their wardrobes since time immemorial. Attributed to Guy Head -‘ Juno Borrowing the Girdle of Venus’ c1771 {{PD}}

Venus conjoins Juno in Libra, and we may see a number of manifestations operating in relationships, typically as a statement of ‘I Am’ in relation to one or more ‘Others’: we could see a love of status, someone ‘married’ to their position, a cooperative situation benefiting one or both parties in finances, offering support, or taking responsibility, empowerment through Love or assets, aesthetic empowerment (that is, taking one’s Art into one’s own hands, or conversely, finally allowing others to contribute what they can to a creation to make it complete), diplomacy meant to gain the upper hand or to express the individual Will, falling in Love with the mate (for the first time or again), enjoying a ‘honeymoon’ of one kind or another, two women, one powerful in her womanhood and one reliant on status to make her impact, in a male’s life the ‘ideal’ mate (according to his own Juno placement) could be introduced, finally getting one’s material due from the mate, or even getting revenge over a betrayal or desertion. Love in the largest sense could imbue one’s position of empowerment; wherever one holds sway, commands, or holds powerful status, one could find Love has become the basis for exercise of that power. There are many ways this could appear, and they are almost certainly of a ‘high concept’ form; we may not see them, but we surely can feel them.

But it’s vital to note that Venus, even as she meets Juno, is parallel Vesta. Love aligned with our highest values and to what we dedicate our lives is a very good thing; it can’t help but keep us attuned to the highest Venusian vibration to which we are open. This, too, is important: to realize that we only get what we’ll let in. We can wish for Love, but if our highest values are centered on dedicating our assets and attention to expressing our talents (Venus), or to making money (Venus), or to the Arts (Venus), we may inadvertently keep Love at bay, believing deep inside that it could distract us. Knowing what we are dedicated to (Vesta) is instrumental in knowing where our energies are actually going, and often tells us why certain desires aren’t being met. Today’s a day when this can be explored, both by examining where our Venus is actively being applied, and by using the mirror of others (Libra) to reflect back to us what we are really honoring, what we’re really engaged with.

The mind can assist this quest, as Mercury sextiles Zeus, making us think along lines that are compatible with our ambitions and desires. As long as we can discern precisely how our values show up in our lives, we can apply the mentality to moving toward goals and dreams; it can make for a lovely meshing of energies that can carry us much farther than naked muscle or mind ever could.

Find where your energies are going, and to what you’re really dedicated in life, with my new book on Vesta–and have a great Wednesday!