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Parmigianino (Attrib.) - 'Ritratto di un giovane uomo' {{PD}}

Parmigianino (Attrib.) – ‘Ritratto di un giovane uomo’ {{PD}}

Our own attention flows toward ourselves and our empowerment, which is good after yesterday’s focus on the Other (and what we want from them); it’s all about our priorities and what we find sacred and so must take action on (Vesta enters Aries). We have an almost magical ability to make things happen on our own terms, to be effective in whatever role we hold, and to deliver payback in both positive and negative forms when needed (Saturn novile Juno). We benefit from containing ourselves, from Self-discipline and from our own efforts, especially in relationships or in finances, and we see real-world rewards as a result (Venus novile Saturn). This applies to all, except for those who refuse to acknowledge their anger or to address those things they’ve ignored or failed to recognize, especially about themselves; these people will likely meltdown in one form or another, confronted with undeniable knowledge or new-found facts that challenge their beliefs about their identity, their relationships, or their ‘worth’ in some capacity (Sagittarian Sun sxt Black Moon Lilith).

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