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'The Party at the Tavern' Luis Ricardo Falero 1879 {{PD}}

‘The Party at the Tavern’ Luis Ricardo Falero 1879 {{PD}}

On the 5th we can be enormously creative and inspired, if we are willing to ‘start anew’ in some sense, and if we are willing to modify the ways in which, or to what, we dedicate our energies. For one person this can translate as being flexible about commitments, for another it’s more about bringing standards into alignment with reality, and for a third it could be about committing resources to make ‘it’ happen. The important thing is our willingness to take an active role in what we dream, desire, and aim for–if we do that, all else falls into place (Perfecting today: Venus qnx Vesta and parallel Neptune, Sun semi-square Juno)

The 6th may be almost magically positive and at the same time problematic, all at once. We have a genius for gaining Love or Money, even as it somehow hurts; and yet action seems destructive and serves to actively block that expansion. We think more by instinct and are subject to the influence of our ‘blind spot’ material (which we of course won’t recognize!), but despite all this, where we put our attention and choose to act, things turn out well. Weather the contrary influences without investing too much in the negative ones, and you’ll be much more likely to come out smiling (Mars square Pluto and contraparallel Jupiter, Venus novile Jupiter and sesq Chiron, Merc qnx Sedna, Sun sextile Mars)

The 7th many of us are back-to-work–with only minor questions of power, influence, territory, and the probability of having to negotiate on the agenda. Enjoy the relatively low-key day, though be prepared to hear, read, and experience communications that may challenge your personal authority or right to meddle–just don’t respond with ego (no need to feel threatened, as nothing will come of this), and no problems will arise (Mercury semi-square Ceres)

And there’s more, with this late update on and for the 7th: the Moon and Venus meet today in Scorpio, suggesting that if we want to get to the Truth, the best we can hope for is to intuit or feel the emotional one of any situation; the facts may stay just out of reach, too tainted by issues of power and dominance (Merc-Ceres) to be clear.

If you’d like to order a book for the weekend, please do so before 7 AM on the 5th–after that there will be a delay in order fulfillment, with all orders being caught up late Pacific time on the 6th. Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!