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Jan Stanisławski "Beehives in the Ukraine", c. 1895 {{PD}}

Jan Stanisławski “Beehives in the Ukraine”, c. 1895 {{PD}}

First, two words on the Mars-Pluto square, which perfected on the 6th: calm down. Those who suffer the most under this influence are the deniers of their own anger, the trashers of egos and the Will of others (just to see them burn), the ones who insist it’s their way or the highway, the Self-destructive, the blamers, the finger-pointers, the enraged. The viewpoint is one of looking out from the ‘I Am’ to the Other (Mars in Libra) and projecting one’s unprocessed upset, one’s urge to obliterate, one’s unformed and un- (or mis-) directed need to transform. How do we know if it’s us or them, you may ask? Simple: if you’re not angry, you won’t feel the need to blame or attack, and you will be able to allow others autonomy without a retributive ‘I told you so!’ (the Merc semi-square to Ceres of the 7th).

The 8th and 9th create conditions that unfortunately make us highly susceptible to the Mars-Pluto energy, as other bodies embrace facets of it and make us think we have a perfectly good reason to be indignant or aggressive. We see authorities, those who believe they should be in charge, and those of a maternal nature heavily influenced by what they themselves have ignored or denied about circumstances, as well as by those times they’ve experienced injustice that they never acknowledged (Ceres trine Black Moon Lilith), and they don’t hold back communicating this (Merc parallel Ceres and square the Nodal axis) which can have consequences that exert their own influence on life direction. This is a free-flow of tortured and frustrated energies that we may not even be aware of; and the individuality urge, the want to rebel or be seen as different or independent (Sun trine Uranus) catches a ride on this, making upsets, surprises, and accidents more than a little possible–but also offering us the energy and focus to be truly original in our offerings, and to create change that’s most suitable to our own unique viewpoint.

Then there’s the way Juno enters Scorpio and Mercury enters Capricorn and sextiles Juno, suggesting a fresh, raw take on our own empowerment situation and those communications that feel solid, in the sense that they seem to express every fear we have about boundaries, being held back, and being overburdened with duties, sidetracked by rules or obligations, or fenced out of opportunities to expand. We seem determined to find the hurt in situations (Sun square Chiron); it’s up to us to become aware of our own assertive urge, to sense the edge on our thoughts and feelings, and then actively address it all with a conscious intent to do no harm, and possibly even to heal.

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