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Henrik Weber - 'Composer Mihály Mosonyi and his Wife' 1840s {{PD}}

Henrik Weber – ‘Composer Mihály Mosonyi and his Wife’ 1840s {{PD}}

I know! It’s a minor aspect–but it may be the key to handling all the other aspects perfecting the 18th. It may be easy to feel stupid (Chiron sextile Pallas) and we may feel we must make significant adjustments in areas of Love or Money in order to express ourselves as thoroughly and uniquely as we like (Venus qnx Uranus); or, that feeling of lacking wisdom may come directly from a surprise in relationships or finances we believe we should’ve seen coming. Of course, the negative slant of these attitudes predispose us to give more attention and weight to what we’d normally ignore or deny for our own mental health and/ or effective functioning (Merc sq Black Moon Lilith), and could foster scrutiny of our own Path, a ‘Where Have I Been, Where Am I Going?’ question, or even an abrupt ‘Who the hell am I?” (Sun sq Nodal axis) that won’t currently be clear (or even intellectually accessible, considering the way our thoughts will be plagued by rage over injustices, or those matters usually dismissed–Merc sq BML–which means we’ll lack the objectivity we need to sort out these kinds of questions).

The novile, then, offers us a brilliant pairing between Water and Earth, emotion and the physical or material, between reaching out to connect or teach and reaching out to command, or in the social role enhancing our expression of our own empowerment, or vice versa, affecting our social role by flexing our muscles and showing our stuff. Jupiter and Juno reach out to each other and create a synergy that’s much greater than we might otherwise expect; it’s a case of two powerful entities (working together within the psyche, and/ or one played by ourselves, one by something external) acting so perfectly in concert that we don’t really have to think much about it–it just comes together on its own.

Though this marriage is natural, it won’t necessarily be without inequities or strife. This could involve us in an interaction of grossly uneven proportion, where one party holds the majority of power, or where one of the parties has status but lacks the respect needed to pull something off–that’s where the partner comes in, supplying the pull to make it happen, with the other supplying the backbone or needed judgment, without which the power expression might fizzle to nothing. So, it may be that negative currents today are handled by the kind of acceptance and cooperation typical of any partnership–not without problems or compromises, but in effect significantly more relevant than what either could accomplish alone.

The signs in which the two are placed (Jupiter in Virgo, Juno in Scorpio) suggest some sting, some criticism, but also a masterly eye for detail and depth of understanding–and who couldn’t use a little more of that? Enjoy your Friday!

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