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'Stillleben mit Samovar und chinesischer Teeschale' (Still Life with Samovar and Teacup) Max Schödl 1869 {{PD}}

‘Stillleben mit Samovar und chinesischer Teeschale’ (Still Life with Samovar and Teacup) Max Schödl 1869 {{PD}}

We have the drive, and the focus, to fulfill ambitions (or at least to create the circumstances that will pave the way), and we aren’t afraid to, as they say, break a few eggs to get that omelet made. The best part may be that we can see the value in our wounds, the way our hurts have given us wisdom and shaped us into the person we are now. We are bringing all our skills, learning, and experience to bear on achieving our goals–and that means thinking is laser-focused, concentrated on power expression and making successful change in our world. Is there any down side to today’s influences? There is a destructive quality, even a cruelty, about communications, so keenly aimed are they at accomplishment; that could mean we are less than sensitive to the needs of others. We could also be tempted to wallow a bit in hurt, as we’ll so appreciate the things we gain from it that we could forget the real purpose is to help us move forward. The Aries Moon doesn’t help, making us even more Self-focused, and the Moon’s meeting with Uranus around 4 PM PST suggests a point when we will be most likely thinking individually, and perhaps seem unreliable to others as a result (and we may see others this way, too.) Under the right circumstances the conjoining of Luna and Uranus could blend our own interests with those of the group, making us willing to share our energy and so serving both causes–and this could be emotionally freeing. We can be very effective today in moving toward our desires–just try not to lose sight of other priorities (relationships, financials, values, that might not seem so important right now) in the process.

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