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Van Gogh 1882 'The Hague - Carpenter's Yard and Laundry' {{PD}}

Van Gogh 1882 ‘The Hague – Carpenter’s Yard and Laundry’ {{PD}}

It’s a complicated day full of complicated feelings, but we can gain something truly worthwhile from it, can see the Love, or even where and how to access resources, if we can get a little distance mentally and emotionally from what will feel like violations of our highest values–and this could include things causing disruption on the home front, with the spouse/ mate/ partner, or with those areas of life we honor and consider sacred–whether we are aware or not of holding that attitude.

Our sense of effectiveness, of our ability to express our Will, the urge to be different or to follow the group (whatever is unlike our usual inclination), to show our originality, all will threaten (or at least seem to require adjustment to) what we name a priority–and our need to earn, or our relationships, may pressure what we deem important in such a way that we may feel we must dishonor our highest values in order to deal with circumstances.

There are two elements that may make things even more difficult to handle: one is the way communications (and our own thinking!) will rub us the wrong way, surprising or shocking or causing a kind of feeling anarchy within; and two is the way our own choices and actions will be, not just anti-instinctual, but will undermine our creativity, and could possibly be based on accepting misunderstanding, believing a lie, or embracing a fantasy or deception as reality.

The peak discord will be from about 1 PM Pacific, just before the Moon enters Void status, through entry into Taurus at 4:12 PM PST. During that brief window it may be particularly hard to contain or even pinpoint our feelings–and this really will be the problem for the whole day, where it permeates events in a less intense form: that there is such internal discord, and or tough demands made by other facets of the life, that we may lose perspective and become alienated from our own core values–and so go astray because of it.

Out of all this, though, comes something related to the current position of transiting Venus (at 18 Scorpio), or through matters of the Houses Venus rules in the natal chart, that is positive, enlightening, and that fosters a bright new understanding of or knowledge concerning the Self (Vesta qnx Juno, Uranus contraparallel and Venus sesq Vesta, Mars contraparallel Sedna and sesq Neptune, Merc sq Uranus, Sun novile Venus)

Do you know your priorities and goals? Not those things you think you care about, but where your energy really goes? The dissonance between what we tell ourselves we want and what the Soul (working through the unconscious) drives us toward is what causes personal discord and stalls progress. Find out by examining your natal Vesta--and enjoy your Sunday!