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'The Awakening' Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

‘The Awakening’ Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

We have a three day period when our thoughts may quite literally create our reality, with the results manifesting in slightly different ways each day. On the 22nd we see the mind and our internal wisdom meld in such a way that, if we think about something, we are unlikely to choose poorly (on the other hand, if we refuse to think an issue through, we could choose very poorly). The way to express our power and authority comes directly from those methods we’ve observed in the past (as when we saw how authorities or those in power conducted themselves); what we’ve observed as effective behavior in others becomes our guide to choosing our own expressions. That has all the pitfalls you might expect, though we should know that what we’ve done is intellectualize the power behaviors of others (Ceres in Aquarius)–that tells us that if we can register the feelings those behaviors created, or if we can understand the attitudes behind the choices we saw others in charge make, we can gain enough mental distance to modify the choices those lessons offered so that they suit the person we are now (Ceres novile SN, Merc conj Pallas)

By the 23rd we may find we’ve formulated the perfect combination of rebellion from those in authority and a means of aligning thoughts with the status quo so that our originality is fostered even as we find our ‘place’ in the current order. The biggest issue may still be getting our ideas of who we are to mesh with the ways in which we want to express our power and affect the world; this time, shaking up the power picture as it now stands, or surprising authority figures or those who assume they’re in charge, is the way to unblock anything stuck, specifically because that kind of activity shows us how marginal and Self-imposed most boundaries really are (Uranus sxt Ceres, Merc novile Saturn, Sun semi-sq Ceres)

On the 24th we may find that we must adjust actions more in the direction of instinct and farther away from a reactionary standpoint that allows ‘blind spot’ material too much influence. That’s tricky at this point, as our thoughts are (still!) focused on attaining and expressing power, and we could see things in a light that paints us as having proprietary rights in areas not our own, including trying to dictate conditions for others. This is a distorted but perfectly logical outgrowth from that state of pure intellectual wisdom we enjoyed two days ago; it persuaded us that the mind has all the answers, and the reality is, at least in raw physical situations, it does. The true key to dealing with things successfully today is to accept relationship and financial realities as they truly are, warts and all. As long as you can see these matters in a wholistic light, and remember that light and darkness need each other in order to be complete, you won’t just gain in the Love and Money departments, but will find those areas can expand in ways you didn’t expect, almost all of them positive (certainly, all of them enlightening). ‘I want to Believe’ should be our motto, as the application of Faith to those things we find most precious will elevate what goes on today from good to much much better than anything planned or anticipated (Mars qnx Sedna, Venus sxt Jupiter and novile Black Moon Lilith, Merc parallel Ceres)

Uranus has reached the degree and minute (16 Aries 33) where he’ll linger until direction evening of the 25th Pacific time. If you have placements within 3 degrees either side of this in the Cardinals, it probably feels like a weight on you involving the natal energy, a sense of uncertainty, a fear of surprise or shock, an intellectual heaviness from which you fear you’ll never be released–but you will. Give it a few days past the direction before declaring yourself out of alternatives; that’s a Uranian specialty, and by the 28th you’ll likely have come up with one or more exciting options involving what seems irredeemably stuck now.

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