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'Canoe and Star' c1920 Arman Manookian {{PD}}

‘Canoe and Star’ c1920 Arman Manookian {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 3:11 AM PST at 3 Cancer 19, with Vesta creating a T-square to the Sun-Earth-Moon axis, the FM in sesquiquadrate to Ceres, and with generous orbs the FM forms a Water Grand Trine with Neptune and Juno. A Full Moon, of course, concludes, brings to culmination, fruition, or end, completes, or designates a point when situations or circumstances cannot go on as they have, in effect taking a new tack or making it clear there’s no future in the current direction. We must always remain aware of the beginnings in endings, and the endings inevitably present in beginnings–a Full Moon brings a point such as this, without confining us to any particular form for the results.

The T-square puts us on notice that the highest values, the home situation, and/ or the situation with the mate will undergo a ‘stress test’–but this isn’t necessarily something that creates a tense mood or conflict. Rather, it’s a circumstance, situation, or event that brings into sharp focus the ways our actual behaviors or choices may conflict with what we find sacred, revere, or honor. It’s a chance to see clearly and bring to an end something that keeps us from truly honoring what we find important, or that keeps us from living our values–and it very likely involves something we care deeply for or about, or something that we nurture or see as our responsibility to protect and ‘grow’ (Cancer Full Moon). The contact to Ceres only reinforces this, probably pointing out how the pitfalls of holding or pursuing power, or of having it in an ‘overseer’ or parental relationship, creates difficulties which, with their acknowledgment, can be concluded at this Full Moon.

The Water Grand Trine is reassuring, telling us that balance can and will be achieved (but keep in mind, if we don’t willingly bring about a just measuring of circumstances and privileges, Nature, that is, Ceres, will do it for us!) Emotional clarity can be the result of judicious application of both ideals (especially spiritual ones) and exercise of empowerment through one’s ‘right status’. That is, using one’s current position and abilities to affect circumstances and change, and aligning this with the spiritual ideals, will offer a satisfying conclusion to a situation that may have been emotionally abrasive, that could’ve kept us off-balance, and that likely is the same situation that offers the ‘stress test’ through pointing out dissonance we’ve been living with but not noticing or possibly ignoring–and the Full Moon allows us to end that dissonant state.

The Sabian Symbol describes something telling for this Full Moon: ‘A Cat Arguing With A Mouse’. This suggests that whatever circumstance needs to come to an end, or whatever dissonance needs harmonizing, is something we may be generating ourselves, by taking a ludicrous position. The Water Grand Trine may also describe this pre-harmonized state, as our response to the empowerment situation is based on fantasy or misconception, rather than reality. In effect this says we have been operating under some untrue ideas about our own power position or ability to affect things, and the tension undergone at the Full Moon will show us exactly how much we really do hold the power, after all. It gives us the opportunity to align action (Cardinal placement) with ideals and express these through a more accurate understanding of our own power place in the Universe (Juno).

We typically also look at the Sun Sabian for a Full Moon, as this is the ‘source material’ for what we’re dealing with now. It is, ‘A Group Of People Outfitting A Large Canoe At The Start Of A Journey By Water’. This may imply that the emotional attitude that needs balancing and healing is one we received from the family/ group; we were outfitted with this emotional equipment early in life or in the project that brought us together (at the start of the journey), and now it needs modifying, so that our expressions accurately reflect our true position. We will no longer be the cat arguing with the mouse; that is, we will no longer fail to perceive the true power balance, or the true situation–and that will make all the difference.

The Full Moon ‘message’ is in line with the aspect situation for the 25th, with the added caveats that the social order may run mostly on hidden or ignored material (Jupiter contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith), so be prepared, and that instincts and ‘blind spot’ material will not aid smooth relationship or financial dynamics (Venus opposed Sedna)–so being aware that statements and beliefs won’t necessarily make ‘surface sense’, and that there’s too much roiling around beneath consciousness in relationship or financial matters will help us navigate what could be a rocky day. Knowing this, though, should predispose us to put our internal energy toward that Full Moon realization and re-making of our own power and position awareness, while in the social sphere we concentrate on sharing good feeling and leaving heavy relationship or financial matters for another day.

If you celebrate at this time, I wish you all the best in life–and if you don’t, I wish you the same!

Cancer Full Moon December 2015