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Hans Thoma 1887 {{PD}}

Hans Thoma 1887 {{PD}}

With Venus’ entry into Sagittarius, we’re looking toward the horizon, as far ahead as we can, into the distance, if not into the future; what we need to know is that our outlook, though it seems focused on relationships and/ or finances, is actually influenced by those things we’re ignoring or denying, or those things about which we’re enraged, that are linked to relationships or finances. This has two effects: it makes us reactionary in thought and action, and it inspires us to think outside our usual box. Grab on to the inspiration–it can be truly original in the way it informs our more typical expressions, giving them real style–and separate (if possible) any thoughts or ideas from a sense of anger–anything that comes forward and is infested with outrage or vengeance will waste our energy and squander the imaginative energies that are ours for the tapping. Take aim carefully; at this time it’s as easy to destroy or be mislead as it is to create (Venus enters Sagittarius and is semi-square Pluto and Black Moon Lilith, Merc sq Mars and nov Neptune, Sun sxt Neptune)

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