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Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

Hmm, I titled this, ‘Ready to Act, Ready to Defend’, but it may actually be ‘Ready to Offend’, as on the 31st we have Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, which may see relationships invite us to be our most erratic, irresponsible, irritating, radical, and original Self–or could tempt us to spend in unique and potentially regrettable ways. We may, inadvertently or even quite deliberately, sabotage interactions or acquisitions by ‘going too far’. Channeled well, we could earn through unusual means or create something of singular beauty, and Mars parallel Neptune gives us both the energy and the creative spark needed to manifest Love or Art in the form we believe it should ideally take (Venus in Sagittarius)–if, that is, we can hold it together under Uranus’ heady influence.

Thoughts run deep, and it may be difficult to consider something without assessing its potentials for power acquisition or significant change (Merc parallel Pluto); that could put us unconsciously on the mental defensive, should we be someone for whom power struggles are the very definition of power expression. We might do best to take our cues from this: whatever is spotlighted, whatever draws our attention, may be the most ‘natural’ venue for our effective individual expression, in part because our unconscious, our ‘blind spot’ material, and our instincts, will all be exerting their influence, and so tailoring our expression quite specifically to who we are. It’s a passionate, intense, and in many ways powerfully affecting atmosphere we ourselves generate on the run up to the New Year; then we have the 1st for sorting things out.

We may find a surprising amount of internal harmony in our New Year’s Day reflections, and the intellectual approach is most likely, so that any emotional impacts of our behavior are conveniently packed away for later examination. However, we may have to acknowledge something about our ambitions and desires, something that the past 24-48 hours or so has made abundantly clear. We’d best see this as a good thing, a chance to enter the next standard trip around the Sun with a more accurate understanding of our role and place in things, relative to what we want, what and who we care about, and what we hope to accomplish. Happy New Year, Everybody! (Vesta parallel Black Moon Lilith, Venus semi-sq Zeus, Mercury enters Aquarius)

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