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'The Tightrope Walker' 1895 Jean-Louis Forain {{PD}}

‘The Tightrope Walker’ 1895 Jean-Louis Forain {{PD}}

Everything gets serious today: we have to ‘get real’ in our assessment and use of assets, talents, and in the true nature of our relationships, and we may have to cut costs, restrain spending or assertiveness, or repress our feelings. Discipline may itself be beautiful, or may be the hallmark of all that’s worthy and desirable. Communications will reflect this temporary restraint, and at the same time add to tension, as words aren’t said in some kind of misguided need to retain control or to at least provide oneself with the illusion of it, and what is shared may be clipped, cryptic, or show the bare bones of instruction or facts. We can choose to focus on our sense of hurt, or our potential for healing, but in either case, action will, accidentally or not, cause injury or re-open old wounds, and we’ll find more obstacles to ambitions than stepping stones–but if we can accept that time, Universal laws, rules, and discipline can result, eventually, in a positive outcome, we can make significant progress and perhaps make something truly worthwhile (Mercury retros into Capricorn and sesq Chiron, Venus conjoins Saturn, Jupiter semi-sq Juno, Sun sxt Chiron and sq Zeus)