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'Choirboys' José Gallegos y Arnosa c1890 {{PD}}

‘Choirboys’ José Gallegos y Arnosa c1890 {{PD}}

The 9th makes it easy to profit from efforts, take the opportunity, or do the rewarding thing; there’s a Willingness and enthusiasm provided by the still-conjoined Venus-Saturn in Fiery Sagittarius that is upped exponentially by the fact that they’re parallel, as well, and Mars novile Jupiter doubles down, making every gesture big and every action fortuitous. That’s a nice setting for the New Moon in Capricorn, which falls at 19 Cap 13 at 5:30 PST. We have to give it some generous orbs to make real contact at all, but that’s acceptable when it’s consistent; with nothing closer than the square from Zeus with a 57 minute difference, we can afford to loosen our parameters. The entire reason to look at the New Moon aspects in the first place is to impart meaning to the event; here we see the square to Zeus is actually part of a Cardinal Grand Cross with Earth and Uranus in the other arms, and there is also a sextile to Chiron and the NM is part of a loose Earth Grand Trine, with wide conjunction to Pallas and trines to Sedna and Jupiter-NN. Keeping in mind that major leeway for a Sun-Moon meeting is in order, we also have the NM conjoined Pluto, albeit well past exact.

The New Moon offers us a couple of scenarios; how it affects each individual is likely dependent on how the event hooks into the natal chart. No matter what, the New Moon itself is conjoined both Pluto and Pallas, with the implication potentially being that what has its origins here (in matters of the natal House where it falls) must move us from a destructive or power-focused approach to one that is more oriented toward skill acquisition or use and to what’s practical and wise–that is, moving from a Pluto viewpoint to a Pallas one. And this is what we carry into both the Grand Cross and the Grand Trine, the need to move forward, refine, draw back from a sheer need to control or change to one that seeks to change through application, of what we know, and what we know to be right. In the Grand Cross this arrives through a moment or event of tension, conflict, or confrontation, and the demands of the group or our own demands to be unique (Uranus) clash with our ambitions and desires (Zeus), and so affect our material situation (Earth), with a solution of sorts found in the ‘new approach’ of the New Moon.

In the Grand Trine the New Moon triggers a chance to harmonize a future-oriented opportunity (Jupiter-NN) that meets a primal and largely unconscious impulse, one that we might call an instinct (Sedna) through the NM event; that is, we are given a beginning that serves both an inner and an outer need, one that allows an interior urge an external outlet or expression. As well, the sextile to Chiron signals that all the events or beginnings that emerge from the New Moon energy offer healing, if we’ll take it.

The Sabian is, ‘A Hidden Choir Is Singing During A Religious Service’. Apparently, what Beethoven said explains something of the Sabian meaning: “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” In all the aspect scenarios, this New Moon offers connection, offers its own vibration as a conduit linking something tangible and something intangible. That is the ‘hidden choir’ of the event or beginning, bringing together or stringing a line between the seen and unseen, and doing so in a spiritually advanced way. We see that in, besides the aspect situations, the call to move along the Capricorn (that is, material) spectrum from more brute energies (Pluto) to more refined ones (Pallas). Bringing together a spiritual intention with a material one is what we’re here for–and this New Moon offers us a means to do it.

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