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Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach 1913 {{PD}}

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach 1913 {{PD}}

Most of the influences out there today are centered on Power (and secondarily, on how that settles out in relationships or affects finances or the asset picture), and Pluto square Black Moon Lilith epitomizes the best and worst of it. The issues will rest on (but this will not always be obvious) all those power expressions we have ignored from others, denied in ourselves, or that are made but don’t suit us, and must be changed, whether that’s to curb our own power statements or to get out from under those of others. Whatever’s been tamped down, put aside, overlooked (whether that’s out of fear, diplomacy–I’m looking at you, Libra–or indifference under less stressful times) will be excavated–and the square promises the unearthing comes under conditions of conflict or duress. The buried rage, the need to change things, the need to show our own significance, will not let those matters that under better circumstances we would continue to ignore or deny continue undisturbed. For most of us, this will involve mates, partnerships, a situation involving aesthetic expression, or something where we must cooperate with or work in concert with others (BML in Libra)–or it may be seated in matters of the natal House where BML is currently transiting. It’s just that BML has gotten herself into a hard relationship with Pluto, and the whole thing can’t be put aside or brushed off.

There are other power situations brewing in other areas, and the Pluto-BML situation may bleed into those; personal power expression and the scope of our sphere, our power ‘territory’, may need adjustment within the social sphere or in order to take advantage of current opportunities, and times past when we’ve found ourselves empowered may contribute to the need for a present-day, reality-oriented power-remaking (Jupiter qnx Ceres, Juno sesq SN). We do have some mojo working for us, though, specifically in that what we choose to do, or the actions we take, will do what they need to do to smooth things over and take us forward (Venus nov Mars, Mars nov NN)–and we don’t need more than that luck or facility or magic touch to soothe and make something positive out of all that upset.