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'Angel of Love' :Eligiusz Niewiadomski c1900 {{PD}}

‘Angel of Love’ :Eligiusz Niewiadomski c1900 {{PD}}

Love (or maybe Money or Talents or Values) is where it’s at today; Venus trines Uranus, bringing spontaneous and surprising bursts of beauty, reward, and, let’s be real, unanticipated costs. Sudden expressions of talent can lift the ordinary to exceptional, and we may be challenged to face exactly where our priorities are, as we make freehand changes to what we’re willing to invest in, support, and use our talents and resources on. Venus also parallels Ceres and noviles Mercury-Pallas, steering all our Venusian choices into wisely and practically thought-out expressions of our own power within our rightful realm. Add to this that we have a clear and somehow inspired view of the world (Sun nov Saturn) that is informed by our deepest instincts (Vesta semi-sq Sedna) and for many reasons, this could be an extraordinary day.

Now that you’ve had time to vote in the poll of the 7th on Mars’ entry into Scorpio, I’m happy to report that as of this writing less than 2 percent of you anticipate revenge as a motivating force (for yourself or others) during the period, and absolutely no one thinks they’ll be dragged to hell and back–so, that’s good news!

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