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"The Gypsy Girl" Zeugma mosaic {{PD}}

“The Gypsy Girl” Zeugma mosaic {{PD}}

Today what’s communicated, through words, pictures, experiences, attitudes, that’s ‘in the air’ or in ‘signs’ of what will be, centers on what we already know instinctively, deep in our bones; it’s the writing on the wall we’ve overlooked, the power situation we’ve ignored, the natural change or progression we’ve pretended wouldn’t be, the difficult healing we’ve desired, the social role or opportunity we’ve been looking for, and it makes very clear where we’re headed, what our future will bring. If those last words about the future bring a chill, then this is your chance to change your final destination–and if these words are exciting for you, then pull out your shiniest dream, because it has a good possibility of becoming your reality (Pluto parallel Ceres, Venus sq Chiron and sxt Zeus, Merc trine Sedna, Sun trine NN and Jupiter, parallel Venus, semi-sq Neptune)

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