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Assert yourself. 'Circus Scene' Robert Breyer 1908 {{PD}}

Assert yourself. ‘Circus Scene’ Robert Breyer 1908 {{PD}}

Today is a day when we will either aggressively repudiate the past and go full-tilt toward our dreams, or we will attract attack from others centered on our ambitions and goals. It’s imperative that we wholeheartedly embrace and actively pursue those things we want most, or we suffer an onslaught from others. The situation will work something like a positive pressure airlock: we must assert our energy vigorously in order to keep ‘contamination’ (in the form of others’ aggression and Will) from flowing in. If we don’t go after our desires, we run the risk of becoming tangled not just in others’ interference, but in our own internal debate over whether our ambitions are valid–and this not only hurts us, it will cost as it draws us away from consciously creating the Path. Don’t question yourself today–allow inspiration, ideals, and the spiritual to guide (Mars sesq SN, trine Neptune, and semi-sq Jupiter, Venus sq Nodes, Merc sq Zeus and sxt Chiron, Sun semi-sq Saturn and nov Neptune)

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