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Pietro Testa 'The Allegorical Figures of Reason and Wisdom' 1630 {{PD}}

Pietro Testa ‘The Allegorical Figures of Reason and Wisdom’ 1630 {{PD}}

Steps taken and responses to relationships and/ or finances must be carefully weighed today, and we’re in the perfect position to do it; we know what’s wise, smart, or practical, and with absolutely no illusions about the state of things, the only thing that can sink us is our unwillingness to acknowledge what we see. Instinct and our own empowerment needs must be taken into account when assessing our connections to others or our asset situation–we must satisfy both our inner ‘knowing’ and our individual need to impress ourselves on our world. If we can serve those two facets of being, we will be able to modify Venusian circumstances and expressions so that they are the best they can be, right now (Venus qnx Sedna and semi-sq Juno, Sun conj Pallas)

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