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Bruno Liljefors 'Hawk and Black-Game' 1884 {{PD}}

Bruno Liljefors ‘Hawk and Black-Game’ 1884 {{PD}}

There are a couple of influences today that may intersect in a very interesting way. We are strong in consciousness; by that I mean, clear in our identity, our essence, in who we are, and possibly in our purpose and the impact we intend to have on our world, and we value this strength in ourselves–we want to express it, especially in relationship. And we also feel one of two forms of the Chirotic energy in play: an urge to heal, or one to inspect our wounds, and in both cases this is in relation to our ambitions and desires. We may find ourselves healing an important wound related to our goals and wants, either through taking action highly characteristic of ourselves to bring about the healing, or experiencing a healing that allows us to (finally!) take such action; or, we may become sidetracked by immersion of consciousness within the wound, causing us to miss this unusual opportunity to put something right. If we can accept how truly strong and capable we are in the now, we can heal and make great leaps forward, but if we become fascinated by our own wounded nature, we’ll deny our strength, and remain exactly where we are (Sun parallel Ceres, Venus sxt Ceres, Chiron qnx Zeus)