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 Artist  Willem van Aelst 'Still life with hunting equipment and dead birds' 1668 {{PD}}

Willem van Aelst ‘Still life with hunting equipment and dead birds’ 1668 {{PD}}

The 22nd Pallas enters Aquarius and, especially while Merc remains retro, we may convince ourselves that every thought is an informed or wise one; au contraire, mon ami, it’s just not so. We may discount our own strength in a situation, even as we treat our wounds as sacred, to be honored rather than healed. This leads to some heavy forms of communication, destructive in some instances, transformative in others. The results all depend on what we really want to change and what we truly care for, deep inside (Vesta parallel Chiron and semi-sq Ceres, Merc conj Pluto)

The 23rd we feel a strong pull into the future, a forward-looking optimism that has practical values and a sense of personal responsibility at its root. We are in a position to understand our minds and our thinking clearly, though not in a position to act on the fairly objective picture we have; we are too damaged by, or perhaps fearful of, further hurt to choose an effective course (Jupiter conj NN, Venus into Capricorn, Merc parallel Ceres, Sun parallel Merc and semi-sq Chiron)

The Full Moon in Leo arrives at 5:46 PM Pacific time at 3 Leo 29. The closest aspect this FM makes is a sesquiquadrate to Chiron; it also opposes Pallas, and takes what amounts to a very wide swipe by quincunx (and so essentially misses) Venus fresh in Cappy (and it’s that newness to the sign that may make Venus more susceptible than usual). This suggests that the Full Moon brings an end, through difficult circumstances, to some unwise, ego-driven hurt that we’ve clung to too long. We have compromised both our values and our ability to heal this insult by willingly resuscitating it; now we have the chance to let it go, once and for all.

‘A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition’ This Full Moon Sabian says that what must be let go is something from the past, something we have collected and cherished (in our own way–the trophies), and we receive a hint that what we are called to let go resulted from our own aggression–but the circumstances that ‘earned’ them are no more, so that our energy is better focused in the now, and in what’s to come, than it is dwelling on the past (and that’s no matter how recently this past has been). It’s important to note that the ‘trophies’ the image refers to, at least in a hunting context, are actually living things pursued and killed, rather than the metal cups and plaques we nowadays typically label ‘trophies’, and this suggests the entire concept of pursuing and laying aggressive claim to the life energy (in whatever form) of another living thing is past its time. We ‘age’ ourselves when we cling to what was, whether it was a glory or a debacle–this Full Moon will show us that, and offer a letting-go opportunity.

For another take on the Full Moon, see Lua Astrology–

The 24th we set out to honor the reality picture, to deal with circumstances as they are, and to dedicate our energy and efforts to building knowledge, to reaching out, to discovering (Saturn in Sagittarius), but what’s been denied, hidden, ignored, or has enraged us at some point surfaces again and prompts rebellion, erratic reactions, or pushes us forward to a point where our response is totally original (at least within our typical lexicon of behavior). The fact is we can’t deal with the reality picture in any effective way if we are wearing a lens of anger or denial; that distorts our vision and automatically means our choices will not be the best we could make. Accept that the issue must be dealt with, and be thankful you were given the chance to handle it, rather than allowed to go ahead and make a muddle of things (Saturn trine Vesta, Uranus opp Black Moon Lilith)

The 25th we find a way to express our Will through our current status or empowerment situation–and isn’t that what we always seek? Be aware that, if you’re dealing with less-conscious others, your competence may attract some aggression–but pay it no mind (Mars conj Juno) We also have Mercury direct today. He turns around just shy of the middle of Capricorn, so if you have placements halfway through the Cardinals you can expect a certain amount of news or communication urgency related to the contacted natal energy–probably somebody (maybe you!) is trying to ‘nail it down’. First thing our valiant messenger contacts (not counting hits to Merc from the Moon) is Pluto, by 30 January; this may be the point when we get the ‘down and dirty’ that happened during the retro period but which somehow remained hidden, until now.

Have a lovely weekend!