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George Bellows 'The Circus' 1912 {{PD}}

George Bellows ‘The Circus’ 1912 {{PD}}

Today could be a dangerous day, and by dangerous I mean exciting, over-the-top, fulfilling–it’s the aftermath we have to be mindful of. The individuality urge is fired by the need to be original, to experiment, to be radical, to make chaos, revolution, or something entirely new and modern–and the Vestal influence can be both highly constructive, aligning our urges with our highest values or service to home and family, or can lead us to believe that our impulses and intellectual conclusions are sacred, not to be questioned or thwarted, and so effectively sending us on a monomaniacal tear. How do we tell the difference? Perspective is necessary; with Mercury also parallel Saturn, we must admit we know the rules, the proper boundaries–it becomes a matter of honoring our uniqueness while remaining aware of the real world and its limits, if we want to succeed.

The Daily Image: an electrical wall plug on fire. What we see burn today may be entirely unintentional, coming from an energy overload or misdirection. Safety first! And have a great Thursday!