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Ferdinand du Puigaudeau,- 'The Magic Lantern' c1900 {{PD}}

Ferdinand du Puigaudeau,- ‘The Magic Lantern’ c1900 {{PD}}

We have four sextiles perfecting today, offering, with a little effort on our part, magic (but then, how often is ‘magic’ simply the result of thought and work?):

Mars sextile Pluto=we’ve got the ‘digger’ quality of Mars in Scorpio cooperating with an energy that loves nothing better than to tear down what’s established (Pluto in Cap), almost guaranteeing successful demolition–whether that was our intention or not. The magic here is that something really can be obliterated without leaving a trace, or our choices and actions can transform at a deep and permanent level–the trick is being truly conscious of the effect we’re creating.

Venus sextile Juno=this spans the same signs as Mars-Pluto, with Venus in Cap and Juno in Scorpio. We may be invested in locking things down, in playing by the rules, and find that authorities (or those who think they are!) have ulterior motives and secret reasons for what they want. Here if we aren’t in full ownership of our own sense of authority and responsibility, we’ll see those with whom we’re in relationship try to exercise overreaching authority over us or our circumstances. If that occurs, it’s a clear indication you’re abdicating adulthood in some way. Those who step up and are willing to take the blame and the praise for their own choices will profit, one way or another.

Mercury sextile Chiron=this time it’s Cappy-Pisces, with Merc in the former and Chiron in the latter. Something tells us how to heal; the question is, will we listen? Merc in Cap suggests we may be closed to what’s being communicated, or that we are restricting what we are receptive to or even what we are exposed to, listening only to what reflects our own beliefs. If so, we’ll miss the healing message available.

Sun sextile Saturn=Saturn in Sag wants to know the solid facts; Sun in Aquarius illuminates higher knowledge. The difficulty might be that we may be too insistent that the only things that count as facts are things we can hold in our hand, point to, verify–and that leaves a whole lot of the Universe out of the equation. Our attention (the Sun) will be drawn to facts we may see at work or ‘know’ but that can’t be verified in a concrete way. In effect this becomes a chance to measure our ability to trust in our own perceptions–and possibly to find some way to make those perceptions more accurate, by aligning them with the real-world picture.

Uranus semi-square Ceres=a rebellious, wrong-headed insistence on being independent, ‘original’, or ‘free’ may undermine both our ability to use the sextiles and our ability to exercise our own power. Just watch for it–and enjoy your Wednesday!