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When we're honest with ourselves, Lilith loses her anger. Maria Raquel Cochez, Lilith with M&M's No. 2, acrylic on canvas, 60" x 72", 2013 http://mariaraquelcochez.com/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

When we’re honest with ourselves, Lilith loses her need to be angry. Maria Raquel Cochez, Lilith with M&M’s No. 2, acrylic on canvas, 60″ x 72″, 2013 http://mariaraquelcochez.com/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Yesterday’s activity of Black Moon Lilith brings up the many circumstances where we may not play it in a straightforward way, being ornately casual, coy, or hinting hinting hinting–and all the while telling ourselves that we’re not aggressing (though energetically, we are). I’m very familiar with passive-aggression. As a four-planets-including-the-Sun-Libra, I’m highly aware of the way a wish not to push or force can marry with an unclaimed passion or unacknowledged want and result in a kind of disingenuousness: anyone being honest with themselves (and so honest with others, which means they are not assuming a co-dependent role in interaction) can see the unstated request for help, information, support, that is contained within the offhand comment, the kind remark, or the ostensibly helpful message offered. Conducting ourselves honestly requires more than just not telling lies; it takes continual vigilance (or really, just a willingness to do two things: say what we want, and not carry an expectation that others will make it happen for us). Something to keep in mind as we interact–and certainly, clarity of communication and intention is a wise thing to aim for.

If Friday drew out passive-aggression, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday bring forward despair, desperate action, greed, the promise of attaining our dreams at the price of our values, deep-dark thoughts, and obsessive-compulsive inclinations–sounds like a minefield, amirite? Rather than dwell on the negative particulars, I’d like to draw attention to the way there will be many inspiring, creative, and rewarding energies available–as long as we don’t succumb to the more easily tapped-into hysteria, negativity, and anger. What’s available Saturday: originality, the kind that can pay and guide smart action, if we’re willing to do ‘the hard work’, whatever that might be; on Sunday we gain significantly if we don’t allow our demons sway (see BML and honesty, above), and if we both face our ‘issues’ and unabashedly admit what it is we want; and on Monday our highest ideals fuel our dreams, and vice versa, and thoughts are equally well aligned with the real-world picture and with our ambitions and goals, making it exceptionally easy to make right choices that get us closer to fulfillment. Have a wonderful weekend, and please consider donating to this or your favorite blog!