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Dante Gabriel Rossetti 'Holy Grail' 1873 {{PD}}

Dante Gabriel Rossetti ‘Holy Grail’ 1873 {{PD}}

The New Moon in Aquarius (also known as Lunar New Year) falls on the 8th at 6:38 AM Pacific time at 19 Aquarius 15. The NM forms close semi-sextiles to Venus and Chiron, with only 9 and 5 minutes difference, respectively, and so falls at the midpoint of their sextile; this on its own suggests the New Moon brings the healing power (Chiron) of Love (Venus) through intellectual understanding or through a greater knowledge of the reasons behind the facts (Aquarius). What’s born here can heal, can be a conduit for Love at its most pristine and potent, and can offer an elevated level of comprehension in terms of the ‘higher function’ of events–but that’s not the entire story.

The New Moon is also sextile Vesta, in wide quincunx to Jupiter, trines Black Moon Lilith-Zeus, and squares Mars. So, we may have two general scenarios: either the higher understanding and Love are reached through a negatively-perceived event, or through a positively perceived one. That is, we may act in reaction to some aggression, or as the conflict-initiating entity ourselves, or in reaction to a restrictive or demanding social or fact-based situation (likely in trying to fulfill ambitions or to rectify an injustice, with our choices guided by our highest values or the needs of the mate or home front), and this either flows from the NM healing event, or creates it.

That’s the difficult thing: the NM event may soothe us, or it may offer that healing and in the process create a stressful circumstance in reaction. There’s no way to know ahead of time, but we can look to the House in the natal chart where this NM falls; knowing the current circumstances of House matters will clue you in to what might be involved, and whether the initiating event is a negative or positive one.

The Sabian goes right along with the healing nature of the New Moon, ‘A Large White Dove Bearing A Message’ Expect to learn something; expect to gain an appreciation of the circumstances of peace (and this may come through war). In particular, we can heal a relationship that may be suffering. This comes through our own willingness to expand our understanding, to apply Love to all our connections, to accept peace–and that latter may be difficult for some of us to do.