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Franz Stuck 'Circle Dancing' 1909 {{PD}}

Franz Stuck ‘Circle Dancing’ 1909 {{PD}}

Today restraint, modesty, discretion, and a willingness to roll up the sleeves and dig, clean, or eradicate deeply are all rewarded; these actions and choices bring stability and a landscape that won’t morph unexpectedly before our eyes–and this supports some minor but terribly clever ideas on how to handle the reality picture. That said, though, we can tap into powerful forces for change that remain in some way subterranean. It’s as if the force of our intentions can ripple out and stir the quantum field, affecting all things eventually, but nothing visibly just yet. The most obvious effects come from temper or impulse that defies or distorts our highest values or priorities, and the expansion of what we care about, be it Love, Money, or something treasured, in an overt ‘ease of excess’ that may or may not ultimately be to our benefit–but it can make for a delicious break when we defy barriers, boundaries, and rules–just make sure the seductiveness of More or Bigger doesn’t contradict our inner wisdom. (Saturn parallel Pluto, Merc novile Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter, Mars qnx Vesta and trine Chiron, Jupiter sesq Pallas)