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Cardinals in the anteroom of the Vatican--trying to listen in, of course. By Henri Adolphe Laissement 1895 {{PD}}

Cardinals in the anteroom of the Vatican–trying to listen in, of course. By Henri Adolphe Laissement 1895 {{PD}}

Today the seen and unseen worlds whisper to us–of Love, of treasure, of what’s lost, forgotten, or suppressed, through a lexicon of instincts and primordial knowing, of what could be, of what we imagine, of ideal futures and re-imagined pasts, beneath the words actually presented–and though these messages may be hard to grasp, we will see them delivered somehow through the material world, as well as the psychic one. Relationships can be tricky, best navigated on a combination of instinct and response to the real-world choices of the Other. In all situations, that means if we’re unsure of what we intuit, suspect, feel, or sense, we can parse the concrete situation for the same info, though it may be obscured by words or chatter or rote thought patterns, or our perception may be influenced by our disposition toward what’s delivering the message–we’d be wise to keep in mind McLuhan’s advice, that the medium is the message (Perfecting today: Venus trine Sedna and nov Saturn, Merc nov Neptune)

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