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'In den Dünen' Gari Melchers 1891 {{PD}}

Before enlightenment . . . well, you know the rest. ‘In den Dünen’ Gari Melchers 1891 {{PD}}

I want to look at Black Moon Lilith (confused about this point? The first few paragraphs here will help) specifically as a ‘justice indicator’. She’s known for her rage, a temper that is often portrayed (did someone say ‘patriarchy’?) as simple vindictiveness at not getting her way; in actuality it was the result of being unjustly judged and treated, of being painted unfairly by others who hold all the power, both literally so and to make myths–hence at least a portion of her bad rap.

This point in the natal chart could be where you are sensitive to injustices related to the House where this falls, or the essentials of the body or bodies it aspects, or it could be a ‘temper trigger’ by transit, could show what you refuse to claim in the form of anger or ignored matters, or it could indicate where you have shown anger and been ‘cast out’ in some way, just as Lilith was from the garden of Eden, or where an exclusion or denial has birthed anger within you. Consider that your BML is a touchstone to those matters that enrage, and that this points to angers denied, unacknowledged, and unexplored. Think of how much energy you would free up if you were aware of the implications of your Black Moon Lilith. And then try to enjoy your Valentine weekend, without getting all up in Lilith’s junk.

If we’re behaving consciously, we’ll see that we get and give what’s just, over this period:

The 13th suddenly talk gets intellectual, but look behind the high-flown ideas: they’re all about the material world. Leading up to Valentine’s Day we see an unusual amount of harmony between men (or animus-dominant individuals) and women (or anima-heavy persons)–or is it more of an impulse for identification with what we consider our opposite? And yet those anima forces are powerful, grounded, and attuned to the reality picture–maybe animus-dominant types are feeling the need for some softness and receptivity, and sensing the activity and strength in their anima counterparts, loosen up (Mars parallel Ceres and sxt Jupiter, Venus parallel Saturn and Pluto and nov Ceres, Merc enters Aquarius and semi-sq Saturn, Sun sq Sedna)

By the 14th we see a very interesting dynamic manifest: honoring what’s sacred is the only way to build our future; without following this principle, our attempts to expand, socialize, learn, or ‘get more’ run aground (Vesta parallel NN, Jupiter qnx Vesta–learn about Vesta here)

15 February we are feeling strong and rarin’ to go–in particular, it’s easy to make changes–what we do with that energy is our own choice, though if we’re not careful we may be inclined to repeat the past (Mars trine SN, Sun nov Pluto)

The 16th our dreams, ideals, relationships, and/ or wants come under scrutiny, but take care: our approach to dream makin’ may be a little too cool to accommodate what otherwise would fill us with inspiration and desire. Awareness that home, mate, and even those concepts and causes we idealize should be accepted in spite of their flaws will make it all go more smoothly (and exponentially raise our chances of achieving what we’ve been dreaming of ) (Vesta qnx NN, Venus enters Aquarius and nov Neptune)

The word image for this period is a literal bucket of rain. The expression ‘make it rain’ means, of course, abundance freely shared–but for the person in the midst of a flood, it may mean further disaster. What do you have an abundance of to share freely, what do you have too much of, to the point of washing your life away, and what does having a ‘contained emotional response’ (the water–emotion–in the bucket) to things offer us in terms of future benefit, portability of feeling, or restraint?