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'Spring in Holland' Nils Kreuger 1889 {{PD}}

‘Spring in Holland’ Nils Kreuger 1889 {{PD}}

Continuing yesterday’s trend, we can hold our attention on ideals and dreams–and bring them to reality. Our empowerment comes in the form of recognizing what from the past has worth, what is useful now, which relationships and ambitions are worth pursuing–and if we think it through objectively, informed by higher understanding, we might, quite suddenly, get exactly what we want. Only a failure to see what from yesterday has worth and use today (and so should be treated with care), or a failure to perceive clearly where and what we are right now (in order to be able to navigate effectively from ‘A’ to ‘B’), will prevent the realization of a dream or ambition, or stop us taking a step vital to getting where, or being who, we really want to (Perfecting today: Juno parallel Zeus, Venus nov SN, Merc trine Zeus and sxt Uranus, Sun parallel Neptune)