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'Musicienne du silence' Arthur Hacker c1900 {{PD}}

Something beautiful today catches your eye–and sends you a message. ‘Musicienne du silence’ Arthur Hacker c1900 {{PD}}

Beauty is our visual, psychic, and spiritual clue as to what’s wise today, with the state of relationships and finances providing info on the smart move, or the profitable one; and the loving option is another indicator of which way to turn. It’s a good thing we have this guideline, because our thinking is thrown off by the social sphere or by a bias that wants ‘more’ or ‘bigger’, which won’t necessarily serve us best; in this case, the ‘Beauty’ of something, or the kindness of someone, leads us toward what’s new, original, unique, and ultimately supremely creative, formed in the shape of our ideals (Perfecting today: Venus conjoins Pallas, Merc qnx Jupiter, Sun nov Uranus–and the Sun is due to conjoin Neptune on the 28th)

What’s your Venus in? That’s where you’ll find your image/ symbol of the day, something meant to act as a synchronous signal to you pointing out ‘what’, ‘which way’, or even ‘who’ or ‘how’. A few thoughts: in Aries you might see the beauty in anger (maybe in some righteous cause); in Taurus in things that bring comfort, or indulging in luxury; in Gemini in words or communications, in beautiful thoughts; in Cancer in the examination of something just changed (based on its ruler, the ever-changing Moon); in Leo you might see the beauty behind the pride; in Virgo the beauty in the details; in Libra in the partner, or in good manners; in Scorpio in the darkness, the mystery; in Sagittarius in reaching out, or in sharing knowledge or in the ‘facts’; in Capricorn there’s beauty in boundaries, appreciation for order and the structure of things; in Aquarius open the Self to a Higher Understanding; in Pisces beauty is found in recognizing (whether you want to or not!) the Oneness of All.

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