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Heinrich Vogeler 'Sehnsucht (Träumerei)' c1900 {{PD}}

Heinrich Vogeler ‘Sehnsucht (Träumerei)’ c1900 {{PD}}

What’s empowering for us isn’t what makes us feel free, radical, unique, or original–well that’s a bummer–and what’s worse is that we’re actually feeling quite strong, our mentality and spirit aligned with our personal power and authority, but all we’re getting, each time we try to reach out, expand, learn, or interact with the social sphere, is the message that our talents, finances, or even our Love, isn’t enough, or good enough, for some invisible standard we may or may not hold ourselves–and the need to be recognized will, for some, be so great that they willingly abandon their own highest values to court that recognition. I’d stop writing right here and go weep quietly in the corner, if not for this: the way our minds and thoughts will be primed to home in on effective ways to transform what we aren’t happy with, including ourselves, and things communicated by others, consciously or unconsciously, will prove useful. All energy and attention should go to planning, to thinking about change–and to saving action for tomorrow (Uranus contra-parallel Juno, Venus qnx Jupiter, Mercury nov Pluto, Sun conjoined Ceres and contra-parallel Vesta)

550px-Popcorn.svgToday’s word image, for better or worse, is actually a word: hyperbole. Whether you see or hear this several times (as I have) or you find your attention drawn to something exaggerated, overblown, excessive, weigh what comes at you today carefully, so that you’ll recognize the kernel of pure truth, or the nugget of intent, around the popped-corn puffery of hyperbole.