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 'At the Stables, Horse and Dog' 1862 Edgar Degas {{PD}}

‘At the Stables, Horse and Dog’ 1862
Edgar Degas {{PD}}

Fulfilling a desire centered on relationships or ambitions is promised–at least, what we’re passionate about is slated for fulfillment if we are willing to be totally Self-responsible, and if we are willing to shun any methods that rely on intellectual persuasion, shock and awe, or the clout of the group to make them happen. If you’re okay with carrying your own burdens, living and responding in the moment, allowing your uniqueness to show, and being original without being unreasonably radical, then you have a good chance at making those wishes a part of the reality picture–it’s as simple, and as complicated, as that (Venus trine Zeus and sxt Uranus, Sun contra-parallel Uranus and parallel Zeus)

Today’s word image is a triangle. There are positives to this (a triangle is a stable shape) and less positive (when used to describe a relationship among three people, with the implication that all of them are unhappy), so that this symbol might suggest stability in your life at present, or a strangely balanced but unrequited relationship scenario. Too, the act of triangulation allows one to determine where something is located–meaning you may need to take data from several disparate sources to find what you’re looking for. And the shape has been employed in many ways (the distinctive ‘Yield’ sign, identifying gay individuals in Nazi Germany, in 3-D with the pyramids) so that there might be something it stands for that you resonate with personally. So, which of those applies to you right now? Or do you have another meaning in mind?

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