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'St. Bride' by John Duncan 1913 {{PD}}

‘St. Bride’ by John Duncan 1913 {{PD}}

Today’s a corker, full of unexplainable moments of grace, positive viewpoints and feedback about the past, and actions and choices (some of them angry, even explosive) that transform, for good or ill. We may be looking not just at results that flowed from the past, but at manifestations of our own willingness to face and deal with what’s unpleasant. Our degree of past openness to meeting challenges and the less desirable aspects of life will be directly commensurate with the kinds of issues, problems, aid, and blessings that come at us. Expect your biggest difficulties and your most ardent support to come from matters linked to causes and ideals, on the home front, and from the mate (Perfecting today: Mars semi-sq Pluto and nov Black Moon Lilith, Sun conjoined and parallel the South Node, and nov Vesta)

Today’s word image is a dove with only one wing. Something we were sure would soar has been grounded–forever. Though there is a certain sadness to something that can never be, we need to realize that dealing with the fate of this idea, issue, or relationship takes, more than anything else, acceptance of reality, and so a shift in point-of-view. We see things more realistically (from the ground, rather than the air) and so see much more clearly what is and is not possible in this case.

Thank you, and have a great Friday!