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'The Guitar Player' by Johannes Vermeer {{PD}}

‘The Guitar Player’ by Johannes Vermeer {{PD}}

We have a conflict very similar to the one we faced on the 24th: we are primed to go, to move forward, to throw ourselves into action, and yet our aim is off. We are too prone to fudge what we know is wise, and instead fall back on past solutions, charge forward on half-baked ambitions, and listen only obliquely to instincts–and this muddle will shape life direction–and for some, that may be a troubling thought. Being happy with outcomes depends today on three things: being able to contact instincts to some extent (not the mind masquerading as intuition), being realistic about (that is, not overly protective of) ambitions and goals, and while in motion being open to wisdom prompts that may come to you almost like muscle memory. Touching on all three facets just may allow choices and actions taken to be incredibly positive, after all (Pallas qnx NN, Venus sxt Pluto and qnx Zeus, Merc contra-parallel SN and semi-sq Sedna, Sun trine Mars and semi-sq Pallas)

Swan in Lake Killaloe, Ireland, by Alfredo Encallado Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Swan in Lake Killaloe, Ireland, by Alfredo Encallado Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is a swan on a very still lake. This is a good meditation image, as a swan drifts with so little movement, though strangely, it brings to mind something else: the way we used to eat swans, as if they were barnyard fowl. The idea is off-putting and an odd one, today, but does bring up this: what used to be an accepted occurrence or feature of your life that, if resurrected, would seem barbaric now? This offers a little insight into how far you’ve come, and also shows that what we respond to as ‘monstrous’ or unacceptable in others may have a kind of equivalent in our own history, so that if we’re aware of those similarities we aren’t quite so inclined to see and label things as uniformly bad and only ‘out there’.

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