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She of poor Venusian choices, Anna Karenina, by Aleksei Mikhailovich Kolesov {{PD}}

She of poor Venusian choices, Anna Karenina, by Aleksei Mikhailovich Kolesov {{PD}}

The goddess of Love, Money, Partnerships, Romance, Relationships, Jealousy, Envy, Reward, Material Values, and Romance (among many other things) is prominent in every life today, but, as with Tolstoy’s unhappy families, each person will feel and interact with Venusian energies in their own way.* We’ll talk about each aspect she forms, and you can see which resonate with you.

Venus parallels Black Moon Lilith=this aligns Venusian energies with those matters ignored, denied, or that enrage us over their injustices–and could mean we bring love or the strength of relationships to bear, hoping to heal something, or that we muster assets or talents to redress wrongs. Either way, it stirs the militant in us, and promises we will not back down–and of course that means, neither will others.

Venus is also contra-parallel Pallas and square Saturn, even as the Sun is parallel Mercury=what we know to be the wise course may be thrown to the winds when we’re backed into a corner. Even as we make that unwise choice, we can see where it might go–so think carefully before choosing, and know that though the reality situation currently seems to offer no other options, if you can wait just one day, until Venus sextiles Pluto, you can see what Venus assets or qualities will allow you to change the reality picture more to your liking–and so solve what today seems unsolvable.

Venus is both opposed and contra-parallel Jupiter=the social sphere is no help, and in fact may be a drag on interactions, talent expression, or assets. Don’t get caught up in the public ‘flow’.

*The quote, in translation, is the opening line from Anna Karenina, “All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Today’s word image is a car speeding away from what may or may not be a crime scene. Just because something looks suspicious doesn’t mean a crime has occurred; gather real evidence before allowing Venusian passions to make a judgment for you.

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