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Daniel Alexander Williamson - Spring, Arnside Knot and Coniston range of hills from Warton Crag 1863 {{PD}}

Daniel Alexander Williamson – Spring, Arnside Knot and Coniston range of hills from Warton Crag 1863 {{PD}}

What’s hidden is revealed; or, if not revealed, then it reaches out with tentacle-fingers and infiltrates every fiber of thought or being, influencing us, whether or not we are aware of these beliefs and standards. This may help us confront others or conditions that have been unduly burdensome or unfair; on the flip side, it may cause us to rebel, be angry, or punish in areas that aren’t really related to the original upset. Some things to keep in mind: thoughts are aligned with highest values or with those things we find sacred, yet actions are likely to carry undertones of rage, destruction, or a deep need for transformation. Best practices include not being afraid to see and show our differences from the dominant social trends, a willingness to adjust our ideas of who we are to accommodate opportunities, an understanding that the kind of empowerment we have in mind has its price (and it’s not pretty, in terms of what we believe we care about), and that ambition fulfillment requires that we refuse to harbor anger at past injustices–a clean slate is the only way to approach getting what we want, at this point (Black Moon Lilith qnx Sedna, Zeus parallel BML, Vesta opp Juno, Mars parallel Pluto, Merc parallel Vesta, Sun qnx Jup)

Cassatt Mary 'Sara Holding A Cat' 1908 {{PD}}

Cassatt Mary ‘Sara Holding A Cat’ 1908 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a hug. I know, that’s not really an image, but it is something each of us can find and experience today. I’m talking about the warm, restorative, enveloping hug that conveys complete acceptance of who we are–and the person who offers it to you might be entirely different than you would expect. And if you don’t think you can receive it, then offer it to someone else–you’ll gain in the process, and be very surprised at its power to heal and renew.

‘Vesta in the Natal Chart’ explores our highest values, which consciously or not, shape our lives–give it a try, or if you’ve already read it, review it on Goodreads–thank you! I hope your week gets off to a great start!