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John Tenniel, 1865 {{PD}}

John Tenniel, 1865 {{PD}}

Saturday the challenge is to sort fact from fiction, and to tease out those who are hungry for real power versus those who are merely ambitious, trying to achieve. Here are a few wee formulas to help you figure things out: the more authoritarian someone’s approach, the more unwise their ideas; creativity brings strength; so does a willingness to express one’s uniqueness within the loose confines of and in harmony with the group; plans for the future will focus too much on difficulties and not enough on capabilities as they now stand, so leave them for another time; and too much navel-gazing will register as a distinct loss of personal power. Escapism will be a temptation, and while a little relaxation is just what the doctor ordered, a certain contingent (you know who they are) will go too far, likely out of a misguided attempt to show their independence (a slurred “You don’t know me!” might give them away) (Perfecting today: Pallas contra-parallel Ceres and Neptune, Neptune parallel Ceres, Pluto square Zeus, Mercury sesq NN, Sun conjoined Uranus and contra-parallel Ceres)

oil painting by Andrew Stevovich, 'Diana's Little Venice Party' by Andr.V.S CC BY-SA 4.0

oil painting by Andrew Stevovich, ‘Diana’s Little Venice Party’ by Andr.V.S CC BY-SA 4.0

By the 10th it appears we’ll become very concerned with donning at least one of these masks: looking good for the social sphere; showing the wisdom we’ve gained from the experience of our wounds in either Money or Relationship matters; re-writing the history of our recent actions and choices; and showing either how creative we are, or how smart our life path. I termed these stances ‘masks’ because of the way we’re looking out, at the effect we’re having on others, by ‘wearing’ these particular attitudes and behaviors. There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these concepts, but there’s something deeply amiss in the idea that we think we can don a mask (that is, be ungenuine by showing a specific ‘face’ to others) with the aim of fooling them about who we are (even if that’s only an attempt to show them something positive you think they might’ve missed). Be who and what you are, and don’t try to hide it, or talk people out of their ideas of you–you must live and choose unconcerned with what others will think.

A few other hints for handling Sunday: house hunting or other matters concerning the abode, and cooperation with what the mate wants, may be expensive, and overdoing (with time or money) on those things to which we’re dedicated is a real possibility; communication may be inadvertently hostile or hurtful, and certainly is about power; and if you can get a little perspective on your identity and role, you may discover some outstanding creative ways to gain/ earn–at the very least, you can write those ideas down for consideration later (Jupiter trine Vesta, Venus parallel Chiron and nov Pallas, Merc qnx Mars, semi-sq Chiron, and nov Ceres, Sun parallel Pallas, qnx NN, nov and contra-parallel Neptune)

By Amélie Beaury-Saurel - Photothèque Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, photo : Daniel Martin

By Amélie Beaury-Saurel – Photothèque Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, photo : Daniel Martin

Monday the 11th think deeply on what empowerment means to you (how much is it really centered in power, how much in autonomy, how much in freedom, in comfort?), and how you might get the sense of having it in your life, especially in material matters (Merc in Taurus opp Juno in Scorpio)

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