Maharajah Duleep Singh (1838-1893), entering his palace in Lahore {{PD}}

Maharajah Duleep Singh (1838-1893), entering his palace in Lahore {{PD}}

For Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and 10th: A Maharajah surveys his lands from the back of an elephant, ‘escorted’ by British troops. Power doesn’t look like what it used to, and it isn’t always obvious who holds true authority. Despite the appearance of things, someone who seems to hold the reins is nothing but a figurehead. Look beyond titles and trappings, if you want to know who’s really in charge.

Red butterflyFor Monday the 11th: A red butterfly bursts from a white cocoon. Something that’s evolved out of your sight arrives on the scene, and it’s full of energy, drama, anger, emotion, urgency, flash. The unexpected and vibrant nature of what’s revealed may make you think twice about what else is in the works.

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