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David Gauld - T'he Haunted Chateau, Grez-sur-Loing' 1896 {{PD}}

David Gauld – T’he Haunted Chateau, Grez-sur-Loing’ 1896 {{PD}}

We’re thinking about ideals today, our thoughts filled with those things we find sacred and want to dedicate our life energy to, but as we look around we catch a wispy shadow out of the corner of our eye, we open a closet and find it deeper and darker than we thought, or we thrust our hand into a hidden spot, retrieving our pen as it rolls away, and feel a sting and sharpness and wonder, ‘What the hell was that?’ We have the strong desire to understand, to lay out our plans, to get clear on our goals, but it’s a little like being haunted: you can’t see anything wrong, but you just know it’s there, energetically intruding on everything. Don’t let it throw you; mulling and meditating on what we care about, on our wishes for home, mate, and cause, are all highly appropriate today–but we must be willing to hold off on acting, on implementing plans, even as we look behind obstacles and barriers, noting what dark thing we must eventually deal with to get around them (Vesta enters Gemini, Saturn semi-square Black Moon Lilith)

Generously released into the public domain by Beardedman

Generously released into the public domain by Beardedman

Today’s word image is a pairing of colors: that yellow again from last week, this time with orange. Seen together, they act as synchronicity markers, they prompt us to pay attention right that moment, or they may indicate which to choose, when we have a choice.