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Egyptian Figures, 5th Dynasty, Photo by Andreas Praefcke {{PD}}

Egyptian Figures, 5th Dynasty, Photo by Andreas Praefcke {{PD}}

Empowerment becomes a matter of cooperation; it’s in finding partners, creating diplomatic avenues and ties, and forming alliances that we as individuals gain dominion over our own lives–at least, that’s the way it plays out today. It’s not easy, though, as we must balance relationship needs, our own needs and aims, and both the past and the direction we’re headed; we’re swimming in a stream and must be cognizant of the bank we walked on and the current that’s carrying us forward, as well as remain aware of those who are floating along, caught in the same current, with us, all with an eye of where we’re hoping downstream to clamber out of the water. This likely means psychic overload, as we try to maintain at least four points of focus simultaneously–and if we find ourselves trying to keep all factors afloat at once, that’s when a figurative drowning becomes the likely end result.

How to avoid disaster? Use cooperative relationships to weigh and measure options, and remember that partnering with others doesn’t mean giving up your autonomy or control, it simply means finding ways to do things that are beneficial for everyone concerned. It also means being willing to shoulder our own responsibilities; if we don’t or aren’t, we may find it hard to locate anyone willing to partner with us. Too, we are able to see precisely who we have become, and what that’s worth, as a result of our past experiences, and this offers us the chance to see exactly where we are going, if we change nothing in our projected Path. Today we’re offered a rare moment of perfect clarity that shows us the outcome generated by who we are right now–and if we’re not happy with this, we will be able to pinpoint exactly what must change, in order to take in hand, and alter, our future (Juno enters Libra, Sun-Venus form T-square with the Nodes)

Today’s word image is a cask of salted cod. This preservation method was so good that in centuries past barrels of fish were treated like currency. Re-visiting the existence of this ancient commodity may prompt us to ask ourselves: What asset have we been so busy preserving, conserving, saving, trading on, or using as collateral, that we have forgotten it originally had another use entirely–in the case of the cod, as food. Look in your own life for something saved, even hoarded, something with value to you, that you may have held onto for so long that you’ve failed to honor it by putting it to good use.

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