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Aleksander Gierymski c1894 {{PD}}

Aleksander Gierymski c1894 {{PD}}

Aspects suggest we may learn some startling things today, at least some of which may illuminate our pain. If we are open to it, what we discover, uncover, realize, or finally understand may obliterate the concept of pain as we currently know it–or at least show us why and how we ache as we do. Unusual, innovative, or revolutionary thinking may express in clever ways that highlight our uniqueness, or may align us in beneficial ways with the group. Accepting what’s new and modern serves us, as does setting aside the ego in order to express compassion through exercise of creative or spiritual gifts, especially those related to your natal Chiron placement (Merc nov Uranus, Sun sq Chiron)

Today’s word image is a cocoon. Not every idea, project, or impulse is immediately ready for expression. Let that thing you’re anxious for develop and present itself in its own time.