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Paul Gauguin - Te arii vahine (The Queen of Beauty or The Noble Queen) 1897 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin – Te arii vahine (The Queen of Beauty or The Noble Queen) 1897 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: The mind is in excellent working order, aligned with our highest values and with all loving relationships–with the latter suggesting discord reveals where love is lacking–and the issue may be that though thoughts run along noble lines, they lack connection to what’s practical, what’s been ignored or denied, and most importantly, what’s truly smart. We could follow our ideals into a logistical abyss, unless we are careful to draw lines from A to B–and then follow them.

We also see action and choice that by its very nature heals, and though this is prompted by emotion and intuition, we can thank our mental faculties for coordinating our efforts along the most effective lines.

Note that the Sun square to Uranus and contra-parallel Pluto will in essence shine a spotlight on those Uranus-Pluto issues that have been plaguing us for some time. Look for sudden events or abrupt episodes of ‘enlightenment’ that are distinctly Plutonian in undertone. The Sun may blind us, at first, to our best response, but a little reflection on past struggles of this nature will reveal what we should do (Mercury and Venus conjoin to qnx Pallas, nov Vesta, sq Black Moon Lilith, with Merc also parallel Vesta, the Sun, Mars, and Chiron form a Water Grand Trine, with the Sun also sq Uranus and contra-parallel Pluto)

Nymphicus_hollandicus_1876Today’s word image is a cockatiel. When I think of these birds I think of how smart they are, and how much they like to interact, but also how high-strung; they can develop nervous habits in captivity like pulling out their own feathers–which brings us to the question of, Should we be keeping these animals in cages at all? As a symbol this may speak to some part of ourselves that may be hyper-reactive in social situations, that may fret when we would do better to be free in our actions. Look for some way in which you may repress yourself, creating (unnecessary) tension and stress as a result.

'Cercavila menuda de la Festa Major d'Igualada 2013. Nan infantil - Sol' Photo by Jordiferrer CC BY-SA 3.0

‘Cercavila menuda de la Festa Major d’Igualada 2013. Nan infantil – Sol’ Photo by Jordiferrer CC BY-SA 3.0

For those born with the Sun at 24 Cancer: you may have an emotion-driven Solar year ahead, through to your next birthday, when you will be empowered to heal long-standing hurts. Doing so may bring resistance from the group; it’s inevitable that as you change, the dynamic will change. Embrace what’s most unique about yourself, and know that honoring your need to explore, to learn, and to share what you discover will help you create the future you really want, with or without group approval. Happy Birthday, Cancer!