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'Spider Web' Photo By Arivumathi - CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29524796

‘Spider Web’ Photo By Arivumathi – CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29524796

The AstroEssence: Today the Sun enters Leo, putting the focus on ourselves, and it’s a subtle case of a pair of Fingers of God that permeate thoughts and may allow reasoning to be altered, despite a less-than-desirable influence created by the social sphere or the facts (Jupiter contra-parallel Hygeia–and this may usher in a few public health crises, besides). Each of the Fingers includes Mercury, one as base with Zeus, apex the South Node, the other as apex itself, with base of Pluto-South Node (and in some ways we ought to consider Venus as part of the ‘Mercury effect’, since it is both closer in aspect to the Node than Mercury, and widely conjoined the Messenger). These are both a little loose, but noteworthy as the inconjunct of Merc to Pluto and the sextile of Merc to Zeus perfect today.

In Merc-Venus sxt Zeus apex SN, we have ideas and thoughts centered on the worth and talents of the Self and the ambitions and goals fixed firmly on the past; we look at the origins of our development and our viewpoint, and consider how this experience has shaped us (and for some, it will feel very limiting; the tendency may be to blame the past for current situations and future prospects).

With Merc-Venus as the apex to a Finger with base of SN-Pluto, we may transform, in our own minds and interpretations, the past and its effects, thereby ‘freeing’ or otherwise reforming the thought processes and the understanding of our own skills, opening the way to create a future without the limits we’ve carried up to now.

The two Fingers work in concert: one shows us how we’ve proceeded, how we’ve viewed ourselves and our potentials, up to now, the other allows us to actually draw power from the past, by re-processing our perceptions of it, and thereby giving us a future much more in tune with our current Beingness and outlook. So that’s good.

Today’s word image is a spider living within a bunch of grapes on the vine. At first we might think this image indicates something nefarious within something positive or desirable or wholesome–but I look at it another way: the spider lives between the grapes and doesn’t harm them, in fact it keeps other bugs from doing damage. It allows the grapes to grow and ripen without invasion by creatures that would destroy them. What in your life that you’re automatically regarding as bad or negative is actually doing a service, serving a purpose, and doing no harm?

Arbuckle_Bros._Coffee_Company_(3092966757)For those born with the Sun at 00 Leo the coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, brings difficult situations that will determine the balance of power, personal influence, and depth of your commitment to both yourself and others–and all of it requires flexibility in feeling, a willingness to respond appropriately to real-world changes in circumstances, to what’s known or discovered, and to what’s shared/ owned–but don’t worry, your intuition is turned up to High. Good luck, and Happy Birthday, Leo!