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The AstroEssence: We may be consumed with honoring, participating in, and going after what we care about, and the focus may be on how this fits in with our relationships, or the Love and Money available if we pursue our ambitions. We have a certain genius right now for finding the place where what we are dedicated to intersects with our needs for companionship, Self-fulfillment, and gain; an uncanny ability to look ahead and know where we are currently headed, and how to shift so we get where we want to go, allows us to imagine alternatives, their likely outcomes, and to choose among these so that our highest values are not just honored, but lived (Vesta enters Cancer, Venus sxt Zeus, Sun nov NN)

Today’s word image is standing in a very long line, not knowing what it’s a line for! It sounds like a joke, but in the Soviet era there were stories about how as soon as people saw a line forming, they got in it–it didn’t really matter what it was for, as one could trade the goods if they weren’t of use. What are you waiting for, and do you even know if you’re in the right line for the thing you want?

For those born with the Sun at 03 Leo: This may sound very odd, like a terrible fortune cookie, but here’s your formula for success in the coming year, through to your next birthday: ‘Clean Living’ (and/ or concern for the health and welfare of the partner or others) will afford you practical skills and/ or wisdom–both the skills and the wisdom will have spiritual significance or overtones, or may be creative in nature, leading to prolific times. Cryptic, right? Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

Albrecht Dürer {{PD}}

Albrecht Dürer {{PD}}