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'Woman Holding a Balance' Johannes Vermeer {{PD}}

‘Woman Holding a Balance’ Johannes Vermeer {{PD}}

There’s a loose Water Grand Trine with Vesta, Juno, and Pallas, all in very early degrees of their respective signs. This offers the balancing of what’s smart, what’s empowering, and what’s sacred to us through the emotions. In this case, getting the emotions under control (the early degrees of a sign can be raw and chaotic) will bring about the balancing. Whatever you’re reacting strongly to can be sorted successfully by asking: What’s the wise choice here? What supports my feelings of effectiveness as well as my highest values? This should tame and direct the passions, as well as soothe what may be a highly overwrought (and so inaccurate) perception of what’s going on.

The AstroEssence: If we’ll accept the unusual idea, the radical (compared to our current way of reasoning) thought, if we’ll accept that a situation really can be healed, we’ll find healthy outlets for our thinking (look to Leonine energies as well as those Houses in the natal chart ruled by Mercury), as well as resolve conflicts that stretch tentacles below the surface of consciousness (Mercury trine Uranus, square Sedna, nov Hygeia, and qnx Chiron)

Herakles and Syleus. Attic red-figure amphora, 480–470 BC. Oionokles Painter - Photo by Jastrow (2006) {{PD}}

Herakles and Syleus. Attic red-figure amphora, 480–470 BC. Oionokles Painter – Photo by Jastrow (2006) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an ancient Greek vase. A ‘container’ from the past can be useful now; look to what gave shape, form, restraint to the thinking or the life previously, and consider using this method once again, if only temporarily, to contain what might otherwise overwhelm.

For those born with the Sun at 5 Leo: the state of the health, and ‘healthy’ behaviors (or their rejection), will drive much of what occurs through the first half of the year–and the way you deal with this determines whether issues are eventually brought into the light and made to add to your power, or buried thoroughly, to act as a burr under the skin. You know which is better, right? Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!