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William Michael Harnett {{PD}}

William Michael Harnett {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Venus enters Virgo, and we may start to see ‘virgin territory’ as a desirable place to explore, transform, or critique. We go where we’ve never been before in relationships or financially, or we are willing to be accountable publicly for some change in our values–it’s as if we’re saying, ‘Yes, that’s who I am, not what you expected, right? I’m not afraid to go there”. This is good, if it’s freeing you to express genuine feeling, not so good if it’s an aberration fostered by a too-prickly relationship with Virgoan characteristics, right now (check natal Merc for what it might be receiving by transit–a tense aspect or two almost certainly promises you’ll go out on a limb, then try to saw it off).

The mind may almost compulsively dig into areas where matters are denied or ignored, or where deep change is happening but those involved are pretending everything is just fine. This will cause friction, especially in relationships or financially, but if handled consciously (with deliberate discernment, rather than a critical approach), may excavate areas painful or too long ignored, allowing healing to begin. Warning: thinking easily drifts into the fantastical and unreal; stay connected to the facts–and don’t mistake your or another’s thoughts for facts–for best results (Perfecting today: Venus sesq Pluto, Merc sxt Black Moon Lilith and contra-parallel Neptune)

Today’s word image is a picture of a stranger, found in a box of old family photos. Whose ‘surprise photo’ are you most likely to find emerging from the past? Who within the family is this person connected to, and why? And does this illuminate anything about this family member for you?

Vincent van Gogh 'Olive Trees' 1888 {{PD}}

Vincent van Gogh ‘Olive Trees’ 1888 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 14 Leo: If you’re willing to let go of outmoded or irrelevant energy drains, and acquiesce to re-making those areas that need ‘power reform’, you can mid-way through your year, through to your next birthday, find like-minded others and develop an aesthetic both of which will support realizing your goals and ambitions. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!