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It’s a trap!

. . . and by ‘trap’ I mean we will sincerely believe we have a clear intellectual grasp and a wise perspective–but health matters (mental, emotional, physical, but especially spiritual ones) cloud instincts and obscure access to inner knowledge, and social pressures could cause us to ignore hurt and sweep matters in need of attention under the rug, only adding to our being out-of-touch in a way that might not be obvious–and if we are aware of some disconnect, we may be too strongly tempted to deny it, just to feel we’re moving forward. Wounds of which we’re not entirely conscious may push us to mark territory, exert our Will over others, and just generally posture as authorities–but we would do far better to abandon the standards of the social order in favor of dealing with hidden, ignored, or denied matters, or those that enrage us, especially as they affect relationships. Embracing those matters we’d rather turn away from will pay off, whether right now we are in a position to see how that will happen or not. Adding to this is a very loose Water Grand Trine involving Neptune, Vesta, and Black Moon Lilith=we are prevented from knowing just how much we are in denial of, or avoiding, and we may see dodging issues as vital to our survival–an exaggeration that justifies our desire to turn away! Indulging in this may be Self-defeating, in the worst sense. And that’s the AstroEssence (Perfecting today: Hygeia sesq Sedna, Pallas enters Gemini, Chiron nov Ceres, Neptune qnx Hygeia, Jupiter semi-sq Black Moon Lilith and opp Chiron, Venus sxt BML)

Not the kind of trap we're talking about. Winslow Homer - 'Three Boys in a Dory with Lobster Pots' 1874 {{PD}}

Not the kind of trap we’re talking about. Winslow Homer – ‘Three Boys in a Dory with Lobster Pots’ 1874 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is–oh, you’re going to love this, after ‘teeth’ yesterday–it’s a butterfly with teeth! This comic image combines something that is seen as lovely but essentially harmless–in fact, unable to defend itself–with a symbol of both the ability to defend (who wants to get bitten?) and the ability to process, to consume, to assimilate and do. This may speak to a fear many people have: of being ‘beautiful’ but almost helpless, certainly losing an edge of aggression and dynamism, after spiritual transformation–that is, after going from what we imagine is a caterpillar (ordinary) to a butterfly (extraordinary). We tend to confuse spiritual advancement (itself a misnomer–maybe it should be ‘spiritual experiences’, which we would otherwise call ‘life’) as an end-game that brings a kind of beatific passivity, all sunshine and smiles, all troubles swept away. Whether we make these assumptions in terms of the spiritual journey or something more materially-oriented (career development, perhaps), there are a few things to consider: we don’t simply go from one static extreme to another–not only is development not so one-dimensional, it’s also non-linear–we can easily be a butterfly one moment and back to a caterpillar the next–and certainly, spiritual development is meant to advance understanding, which in itself is both a kind of armor, and an attitude that is much more accepting of the cyclic nature of life, as well as of the life-death-life that we see in the continuous round of simultaneous growth and decay. The fear is unnecessary, and reveals itself to be so as the spirit truly begins to grasp that defenses aren’t actually necessary, because the Universe never attacks.

Sun_and_Moon_Nuremberg_chronicleFor those born with the Sun at 20 Leo: the sense of being solitary, even in the midst of a crowd, may be strong for you through the first two-thirds of the year, heading toward your next birthday. Connecting may be an issue, and your ego may get in your way. ‘Emotional knowledge’, learning about emotional realities and understanding the complexities of feeling within your situation, are on the agenda–and will result in a splendid emotional harmony arriving in that final third of the year, the kind of positive feeling that will allow you to act in perfect concert with your identity, Soul needs, and intentions. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

I’m sorry to say I won’t be doing individual eclipse reports for the September events. Thank you to everyone who inquired–I very much appreciate your interest, and do plan on offering eclipse reports in future. I will be publishing general readings for both the Solar and Lunar eclipses of September here on the blog soon, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, read! And if you’re a frequent flyer here, please consider donating to support my work here on the blog, or writing a wee review of my books once you’ve read them at Good Reads. Thanks!