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Lawrence Koe - 'Idyll' c1910 {{PD}}

Lawrence Koe – ‘Idyll’ c1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We find unique and effective ways of gaining, ways that directly fulfill ambitions and desires, that may use relationships, talents, or assets in order to accomplish our goals, and that pay off one way or another–and it all goes down smoothly, almost effortlessly, as if ‘luck’ is with us, or these positive developments are ‘meant to be’ in a big picture sense–and maybe they are. There’s beauty in acknowledging our desires, and sharing our goals with others–they just might want to help you attain them. Take care in interactions, though, as lust can get away from us–the choices are to shape it consciously or be driven by it unconsciously–and unthinking advances or expressions of want could be the order of the day (Perfecting today: Venus nov Zeus)

U.S. National Archives c1942 {{PD}}

U.S. National Archives c1942 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is teeth! We all have very particular associations with teeth, whether we think of our own, those of animals (sharks!), or the many sayings involving them: ‘take a bite out of’ or ‘bit off more than one can chew’, ‘the gnashing of teeth’, ‘tooth and nail’, or stories like how George Washington had wooden teeth, how people used to tie a string from a rotten tooth to a door knob and then slam it to remove, or the biosociological concept of baring teeth to frighten others (yet the human smile is supposed to mean the opposite), etc. The interesting thing is that when we think of teeth as symbols we see that most of our references to them refer to two concepts: either consumption, or tension/ aggression. Then there are dreams about teeth, with Edgar Cayce describing teeth as our thoughts and words, with dreams of loose or lost teeth as signaling regret for what we’ve said. Look at the first few ideas that pop into your mind when you think of teeth, and what these may say about both your viewpoint and what you may choose to ‘sink your teeth into’.

For those born with the Sun at 19 Leo: the early part of your year, counting through to your next birthday, may be spent in unusual moves meant to deal with feelings that seem hurtful and out-of-control. If you can hold back from overreacting (that is, realize that emotional responses are exaggerated in your mind), you may find that living with the feelings can open up some original creative approaches to both problems and Self-expression, ones that can open up your world and take what you create and what you do to a new level. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!