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By Akseli Gallen-Kallela - Scanned by Alexius Manfelt 2007-12-01, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3170601

By Akseli Gallen-Kallela – Scanned by Alexius Manfelt 2007-12-01, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3170601

I’m going to wrap everything up together in this forecast for a few days ahead, as I finish the eclipse report (which should be available here on Monday the 29th) and give myself a little breather. This coincides with Dark of the Moon, a good time to plunge into a Merc retro period, as we’re already more open to the feeling and sensing nature, the mind stilled (somewhat) by the lack of Lunar light; we don’t find what we think, or what we think we feel, so prone to block incoming information as it usually is. Between Merc’s retreat and the looming eclipse, it seems that making the forecast as tight and easy to remember as possible might be best for everyone–so here goes:

The 29th: We may be inclined to be too headstrong, and so sabotage ourselves–cooperation is the key that both empowers us and brings about serendipitous reward and/ or ambition fulfillment (Mars sq Nodal axis, Venus enters Libra and nov Juno, Sun nov Zeus)

Today’s word image is a wounded bird. Accommodating an injury, whether it’s physical, psychic, emotional, or spiritual, is vital to both recognizing its impact and then helping it heal. Ignoring it only offers the potential for the wound to get worse–and if you don’t heal, how will you ever fly?

By Giovanni Dall'Orto - Own work, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5208666

By Giovanni Dall’Orto – Own work, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5208666

The 30th: change of mind might echo a change of heart; we benefit by facing what we’ve recently ignored or denied. All positives today come from embracing our own personal uniqueness (Venus nov Black Moon Lilith, Sun parallel Uranus and nov Hygeia, see also Mercury Retrograde, below)

Today’s word image is a pumpkin, ripened to orange in the garden. That’s a sign of fall–and yet it’s still August! What thing in your world seems to have arrived much more quickly than you anticipated? Is it truly ‘out of season’, or is it indicating more time has passed than you thought? What’s unexpectedly ‘ready to go’?

The 31st: reality-based evolution (whether that is transformational or destructive) is smart, with opportunity fostered by confidence in one’s abilities, a determination to deal with facts and ‘what is’, and a refusal to be rebellious just for the hell of it (Pluto nov Pallas, Jup p Ceres, Sun contra-p Nep and sesq Uranus)

Today’s word image is Pinocchio. The little wooden marionette wanted to be a real boy so much he actually became one. Is there some ‘impossible’ thing you’ve been wanting? Because you may just get it (and all that attends it, all the positives and negatives), after all. And don’t forget to tell the truth.


By Jessica Erin Higgins – originally posted to Flickr as lavender wedding cake, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10310914

For those born with the Sun at 7 Virgo: sorting deceptions and illusions from realities, along with a sense of the emotions as being ‘closed off’ and inaccessible, may be the two toughest things for you to face this year, Virgo. This may be the year when you see and deal with every possible impediment or obstacle in your path to what you want–and then you may find, quite suddenly, that you’ve gotten exactly where you wanted to go! So go to work on those problems–it will all pay off handsomely, in the end. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 8 Virgo: empowerment, the status you crave, and being part of a ‘power couple’ (even if you’re a silent or unwitting partner) may be in your year ahead, Virgo; success depends on how well you incorporate your ideals into your every day, how ‘married’ you are to having no illusions (hint: the more you like The Truth, the better), and being willing to exercise your creativity (no matter how minor the effort, or how creaky your attempts–use makes them better and better). Be brave, be willing, and get over your fear of heights–you can’t reach the top without letting that go. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 9 Virgo: the anticipation feels killer, doesn’t it? Almost there, you may be telling yourself–but somewhere along the way, did you forget where you were going? That may be the sense you have of things this year, through to your next birthday, Virgo. It may be difficult to believe that your dreams have changed, as has your idea of what it would be to ‘make it’–but they have, and it’s up to you now to respond to those changes and alter course. Until you do, you may remain stuck–or worse, succeed in meeting the old goal, and being immensely disappointed in how it doesn’t fit your life now. Look at what’s deep inside–that’s the only way to know what’s real, and needs to be followed. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

By Steven Depolo - originally posted to Flickr as IMG_5971, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10325105

By Steven Depolo – originally posted to Flickr as IMG_5971, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10325105

For those born with the Sun at 10 Virgo: you have to look at those matters that enrage you, or that you’ve been ignoring or in denial of–they are the keys to moving forward this year and bringing your dreams to reality. A new emotional viewpoint unfolds for you no matter what, though how you deal with all these factors, the feelings and the problems, will determine your future, and possibly your fate–so don’t hesitate to tackle difficulties; it’s vital you make your voice heard. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!


Mercury Retrograde 30 August-22 September 2016: Taking Aim at the Material

'Young Samurai and Female Attendants Practicing Archery' Utagawa Toyokuni I 歌川豐國 c1800 {{PD}}

‘Young Samurai and Female Attendants Practicing Archery’ Utagawa Toyokuni I 歌川豐國 c1800 {{PD}}

Mercury begins apparent retrograde motion at 6:04 AM Pacific time of the 30th at 29 Virgo 04–and immediately it feels like we’re thrown into a state of mental crisis! Criticisms, doubts, and potentially a headlong rush back toward either ‘the facts’ or the standards of the social sphere ensues–and this is just our immediate reaction. The retro period is one that prompts us to re-think, examine, and question the material situation (Earth sign) and how we got to where we are. We ask ourselves if we’re satisfied with what we’ve got, with what we see around us, with what we’re earning, bringing in, getting, enjoying, and whether our resources are adequate to our intentions; our thoughts about the material situation, likely keyed to matters of the House where the retro occurs (and secondarily to the Houses ruled by Merc), are vetted, and by the end of the retro we may have a completely different idea of what we need and want materially at this time. This interval will change our material aims, both how we think of our goals, and how we intend to get there.

If we look at the retro picture poetically, we see that Mercury was in pursuit of Venus, newly fled into Libra (to the shelter of a partner? or a tax or investment shelter? or a partnership of earning and caring, or one of being valued or valuing the partner as an asset?) but the chase slows and then abruptly ends, with Merc retreating to a social milieu (a retro meeting with Jupiter) that welcomes him and envelops him with ‘I told you so’ and ‘What were you thinking?’ and ‘What more do you want?’ This meeting can also signal a retreat to ‘Big Picture’ thinking that believes the individual is too important to mess with details–a misunderstanding of the energy, in this instance.

Heed instincts and the wisdom of impulses on the 6th, as Merc trines Sedna, and be prepared–this re-thinking and re-ordering may hurt, or potentially could heal our ideas about the material world and our place in it (the 10th). At the same time as the hurt/ healing, we also receive a personal shock, lightning strike, or group contribution that offers wise revelation, that brings forward just what we need to hear, realize, or learn (Merc as apex to a Finger of God with base of Uranus-Pallas). A Fist of God forms the 12th with Mercury-Sun square Mars, apex Ceres in Taurus, that suggests action combines with thought, ideas, plans and though it’s not easy, the result will be the best ‘power position’ we can hope for materially in the moment. This also happens to be the point of the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, so keep awareness of whatever ‘seeds’ may be planted, deliberately or inadvertently, at this time. Mercury goes direct around 10:30 PM Pacific time on the 21st, in the midst of a trine to Pluto. This suggests change, transformation, destruction, reformation, right out of the gate, based on the changes to our mentality and to our view of the material world, and our place in it.

The page on the September eclipses is up!

Thank you, and enjoy the run up to the eclipse!